We carry ceramics, kitchen implements, fabric pieces, outerwear and jewelry hand made by local craftspeople and artisans. We also carry books by local authors.

Clare Ellis

Clare Ellis is a seasoned knitter and you can always find an assortment of her lovingly hand made scarves, cowls and felted hats.

George Lange

George Lange hand-whittles beautiful, rustic and functional kitchen implements out of local cherry wood. We stock a variety of his spoons, spatulas, tongs and salad hands.

Bonnie Miller

Bonnie upcycles her old chicken feed bags into very sturdy (and quirky) tote bags.

MJ Seal

Store Manager and Co-Owner MJ Seal fashions very organic looking ceramic pieces out of stoneware and porcelain clay. His pieces are completely hand sculpted without a wheel and resemble lichen, leaves and seashells. They seem delicate and purely decorative at first glance but are quite functional and sturdy. You can find an assortment of his hand crafted soap dishes, luminaries, sponge and napkin holders as well as plates, serving bowls and relish dishes. The walls of the store are covered in his painstakingly detailed landscape paintings as well.

Barbarah Robertson

Barbarah Robertson crafts clean, functional farmhouse-style pottery from a variety of stoneware clays. We carry her hand thrown mugs and bowls.

Tom Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez turns raw planks and trunks of local hardwoods like maple and chestnut into clean and functional cheese boards, cutting boards, coasters and serving trays.

Bruce Rosenwasser

Bruce upcycles wood scraps into decorative mosaics and picture frames. We carry an assortment of his earrings, Christmas ornaments and “Wildwood Hearts”- small, worry-stone like hearts that make great gifts for those you love.

Dawn Steed 

Dawn Steed is a prolific seamstress and turns decorative fabric into bags, hot pads, coasters, toaster covers and children’s books.

Andrea Sutcliffe

Andrea is a practically local author who’s book “Touring the Shenandoah Valley Backroads” details area landmarks and lore.