We carry a wide variety of locally sourced essentials like eggs, dairy and meat-



We offer milk from Mt. Crawford Creamery and Homestead Creamery. Mt. Crawford’s milk comes in plastic jugs and Homestead’s comes in glass bottles. Both are minimally pasteurized and hormone free. Milk is by special order and there is a $2 deposit on milk bottles from Homestead. We also offer butter from Mt. Crawford by special order. We also carry a variety of gourmet cheeses from Shenandoah Peaks.


We carry locally roasted coffee from Cabin Creek Roasters out of New Market. We have light, medium and dark roasts available in 1/2 lb bags. They are whole bean but we are happy to grind them up for you if need be.


Currently we carry wildflower honey from Anchor Ridge Farm in 8 oz bears and 1 lb jars and from Eileen Lucas we have clover (Light) honey and wildflower (dark) honey in 1 lb jars.


We stock chicken eggs from local farms like Purple Rooster Organics and Fairview Oaks. We can also obtain duck eggs by special order.


We carry ground beef, country sausage, bacon and several varieties of steak from Country Rhodes. We also stock bratwurst, kielbasa and little links from Baker Farms. We also carry sugar-cured Virginia Ham slices from The Old Dominion Brand. They are a less salty version of the traditional Virginia ham.