We stock a wide variety of dry goods like organic beans, hard-to-find grains, baking supplies and nuts.

Baking Essentials and Grains

  • Arrowroot Powder
  • Hulled Barley- Whole Grain, Organic
  • Pearl  (Israeli) Couscous
  • Rye Berries- Whole Grain
  • Gray French Sea Salt (Sel Gris)- Fine Grind
  • Heirloom (Plain), Ramp Flavored and Applewood Smoked Ancient Sea Salt from JQ Dickinson Saltworks of Malden, WV
  • Stevia Extract- Powder, Organic
  • Wheat Berries (Hard Red Spring Wheat)- Whole Grain, Organic


  • Black Beans- Organic
  • Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas)
  • Fava Beans- Organic
  • Dark Red Kidney Beans- Organic
  • Raw, Shelled Redskin Peanuts- so easy to roast at home!
  • Virginia Peanuts (Of Course!)- Roasted, Salted and Shelled in 12  or 40 oz Cans
  • Red and Green Bell Peppers- Diced, Dried, Organic
  • Yellow Split Peas (Chana Dal)

Broth Powders and Veggie Soup Blends. We now carry Vegetable Soup, No-Chicken and No-Beef Broth Powders. These broth powders taste and smell just like home made but are easy to store, vegetarian and instantly dissolve in water to create a hearty broth.

We also have nutritional yeast powder which is simply ground-up, deactivated yeast that readily dissolves in water. Nutritional yeast has a nutty, cheesy and slightly oceanic flavor that imparts a rich savory quality to dishes and can be used as a seasoning or to create your own broth powder. Nutritional yeast is actually nutritious to- high in protein and vitamins.

*We also carry granola from Hudson Henry Baking Company of Palmyra, Virginia. This granola is hand made in small batches and is great for snacking or as a cereal.

Bags of granola from the Hudson Henry Baking Company available at The Virginia Farmhouse