We carry a variety of snack foods and candy most of them made right here in The Old Dominion-

Back In Stock: Mango Slices from NOW Foods. These candied fruit pieces are pleasantly sweet and naturally nutritious. They have no added sulfur or preservatives- just fruit and cane sugar.

Bags of Papaya Spears, Mango Slices and Dragonfruit Chips from Now Foods available for sale at The Virginia Farmhouse

Candy and Sweets

We have an entire table filled with gourmet sweets including:

  • Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle
  • Crystallized Ginger Dices
  • Candied Mango Slices
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
  • Merlayzyn Merlot Grape Raisins
  • Peanut Brittle
  • Red Dragonfruit Chips
Fudge cups from Nancy's Candy Co. in an assortment of flavors available for sale at The Virginia Farmhouse
Fudge Cups from Nancy’s Homemade Fudge Company

We also have a variety of more savory snacks like:

  • Home Made Granola from Hudson Henry Baking Company of Palmyra, VA
  • Lightly Salted Kettle-cooked potato chips from Rt. 11 Potato Chips of Mt. Jackson
  • Tortilla Chips from Nana’s Cocina of Manassas- Traditional (Yellow Corn), Blue Corn and Guacamole Flavored

And of course we carry Gourmet Virginia Peanuts!

We have lightly Salted peanuts from Feridies of Courtland. They are  are available in 9 or 40 oz cans. If you feel like trying your hand at roasting peanuts (it’s so easy) we carry raw, shelled redskin peanuts to.

Virginia Peanuts and Candies from Feridies for sale at The Virginia Farmhouse