We carry a large selection of award-winning Virginia wines as well as choice selections from across the country and the world. We also offer local hard ciders and mead. We try all of our libations before they go out on the shelf so we can give you first hand advice on the best picks for your dinner party or gifts.


We offer a wide variety of local and international wines. With everything from robust, dry reds to tart, citrusy whites to sweet fruit wines, we have something for everyone. Check out our current Wine List

New: Red Silk Vintage 2015 from Cave Ridge.  This barrel select Cabernet Franc is complex with notes of dark stone fruit and herbal undertones on  the nose.Bottles of Fuller's London Pride a British Beer available at The Virginia Farmhouse


Back In Stock: Fuller’s London Pride. This smooth, rich ale has an earthy nose and a malty backbone.


Currently we carry “Farmhand” and “Betwixt” from Old Hill Cider. These hard ciders are both light and crisp and complement a wide variety of dishes- and are great for sipping to!

MeadTwo bottles of "Hazelnut 'n' Honey mead" from Misty Mountain Meadworks

We have “Hazelnut ‘n’ Honey Mead” and “Lemon n’ Honey Mead” from Misty Mountain Meadworks of Winchester. The “Hazelnut ‘n’ Honey Mead” is made from clover honey and aged with crushed hazelnuts- giving it a pleasantly nutty, amaretto-like note. “Lemon ‘n Honey Mead” is light, sweet honey wine blended with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice which imparts a refreshing tartness and clean citrus notes to balance the sweetness of the fermented honey.


We carry Big Hawk Premium Sake. Big Hawk sake is a light-bodied, dry, ginjo sake.