We carry a large selection selection of award-winning Virginia wines as well as choice selections from across the country and the world. We also offer a variety of craft beers, local hard ciders and mead. We try all of our libations before they go out on the shelf so we can give you first hand advice on the best picks for your dinner party or gifts. We also offer tastings – check the events tab on our Home/About Us page to see what we will be sampling next.


We offer a wide variety of local and international wines. With everything from robust, dry reds to tart, citrusy whites to sweet fruit wines we have something for everyone. Check out our current Wine List

Just In: North Mountain’s 2016 Vidal Blanc. This light, fruit-forward and very citrusy white is great with spicy cuisine and seafood and makes a wonderful summer sipping wine. We also are restocked on North Mountain’s Tom’s Brook Red, Riesling and Oktoberfest.

Also New: Brut and Brut Rose Sparkling Wines from Veuve Du Vernay of France.




We have a selection of craft beers from across Virginia and the world including Belgian-style Witbiers, German-style Pilsners, Pale Ales, Porters and Stouts.

Just in: “Hogwaller Scramble” and “Killer Kolsch” from Champion Brewing Company. “Hogwaller Scramble” is a very potent breakfast stout brewed with coffee and chocolate. “Killer Kolsch” is a Kolsch-style ale (an ale that is fermented at lager brewing temperatures but not aged like a lager) that is similar to a spicy Pilsner but with a more malty backbone and distinct floral notes.


Also new: “Wee-Heavy Scotch Style Ale” from The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery. This Scottish-style ale is rich and malty with a distinct vineferous quality and a pleasant hoppy bite at the finish. If you like Belhaven’s Wee Heavy you will love this American version.



Currently we carry 3 hard ciders from Old Hill Cider of Timberville- “Betwixt”, “Cidermaker’s Barrel” and “Season’s Finish”.

“Betwixt” is so named as it tastes like beverage in  between a cider and a sparkling wine. This off-dry hard cider is light, crsip and citrusy.

“Cidermaker’s Barrel” is fermented with wild yeast and barrel-aged. This dry (hard) cider has notes of tropical fruit from the apples and complex earthy notes imparted by the wild yeast.

“Season’s Finish” is a golden, dessert-style cider that is reminiscent of Germany’s Eisweins. It is produced with a special freezing process using late harvest apples that concentrates the sugars in the fruit.



We have “Lemon n’ Honey” Mead from Misty Mountain Meadworks of Winchester. This light, sweet honey wine has a little freshly squeezed lemon juice blended into it which imparts a refreshing tartness and clean citrus notes to balance the sweetness of the fermented honey.